Friday, June 16, 2017

The Better 4 You Meals Menu Advisory Committee

Since 2011, Better 4 You Meals (B4YM) has provided schools throughout Southern California with an array of food services, ensuring that students gain access to meals with the highest nutritional content possible. To ensure the continued quality of its offerings, Better 4 You Meals operates a Menu Advisory Committee (MAC) which invites school staff members to offer feedback and ideas on how the company can improve.

The committee is available to all members of staff in schools that receive B4YM services, including teachers, meal coordinators, and school administrators. The MAC meets four times per year in the B4YM offices to offer constructive feedback on samples of B4YM food, and to reinforce the company’s and its clients commitments to serving the interests of students throughout Southern California.

MAC participants not only get to play a role in designing future B4YM meal services, but also meet peers from other schools with whom they can share insights. Further, attendees learn more about the National School Lunch Program, the Child and Adult Care Food Program, and the School Breakfast Program, in addition to developing a greater understanding of the federal and state mandates that schools must follow.

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